Mango Architecture - Facade Design Competition

Special Mention: International Facade Design Competition 2020

Team: Nikhil Pathak, Jaai Vaidya

Capturing the Invisible Aspects of Nature, and Making Them Visible

The prolific working culture in the Tech Parks is governed by the outlook of the working environment and the interest for the working professionals. The ecology of work culture deals with the symbiosis of different ecosystems and interactions within the domain.

Unpacking Ecology is drawing essential attributes from the site and the nature within and outside, the work place boasting vigor and essential enthusiasm, the workstations tend to co- exist with the habitat of the surrounding backdrop of infrastructure and human recreation.

If an office space is to be considered as a giant material box of cerebration, then the various activities that happen, deals with unpacking layers in the box.

The idea of adding rotating fins on the levels is a representation chosen which in detail would emphasize abstraction and free association of the environment from outside to inside. Building up stories of colour and wind, and branching the wind patterns with convergence of various groups of people in harmony best represents the ecology of the workplace.