Pink Dhaga

Client: Mrs. Krishna Patel

Site Location: Udhana Magdalla Road, Surat.

Area: 980 Sq.Ft

Year: 2024

Team: Nikhil Pathak, Jaai Vaidya, Prachi Dhimar, Anchal Shrivastav

Status: Under Construction

The shop front designed in white rustic zinc texture with curves and signage in centre implicit minimalist approach. The entrance that was hiding deep inside through the connection of the interior and the exterior of the space is intended to connect the entire store through the external glance. Waiting area acts as the buffer naturally bringing the passer-by’s gaze to the interior. Wooden Partition is made with clear glass and woven bamboo cane. Black hangers on white wall, Pink finishes for cabinets and storage, curved glass partition for cabins. The Roundness replaces edges and corners to synchronize with the ceiling details.