Leon Adinath Furniture

Client: Mr. Nitin Shah, Mr. Jainam Shah

Site Location: Udhana Magdalla Road, Surat.

Area: 21,000 Sq.Ft

Year: 2024

Team: Nikhil Pathak, Jaai Vaidya, Prachi Dhimar, Vraj Gandhi

Status: Under Construction

Combination, of Planters, Fins and Circulation Passage, Lights and Water Management System- this is just the Front Elevation! This 4 storey showroom with a different colour palette and use case brings in the poppy design elements highlighting unique furniture pieces. All of this happening in a time period of 9 months seemed like an open heart surgery with modifications and upgrades happening at a constant to give the best output of a retail showroom run by a Second Generation entrepreneur.