Jhaveri Bro.s Corporation

Client: Mr. Mahesh Jhaveri

Site Location: Salabatpura, Surat.

Area: 350 Sq.Ft

Year: 2023

Team: Jaai Vaidya, Prachi Dhimar

Status: Unbuilt

Designed for a textile trading family, this office space for 8 persons resides in the parking of a 3 storey house in walled city of Surat. Their existing office space which was designed 25 years ago is of prime importance to the client, since it has with stood floods and water logging every monsoon, the new space had to be design in a way to last another 15 years without a disturbance. We thought of adding metal to the furniture to prevent from water damage and adding furniture only above waist level. Minimal design principles and brightness to add value in somewhat natural light restrictive space.