CPWD Nav Bharat Udyan


The God in me, greets the God in you.

The spirit in me greets the same spirit in you.

It recognizes the Equality of all, and pays honour to the sacredness of all.

Namaste, symbolizes secret of Unity, holds vital key to maintain the equilibrium of life and entering area where health, harmony, peace and happiness are available in plenty.

Fusion of varied ideas from the Indian culture, the structure symbolizes the strong identity of New India. It gives equal importance to dimension of public spaces, in their capacity as commonly enjoyed resources, it also constitute an ideal ground for developing and extending the practice of participatory planning. The New India has an inherent capacity to absorb global practices and thought processes. Our nation has acquired a unique ability to transform the absorption and retention to architect models of living that are local, contextual and modular, because Indian socio-cultural practices have traditionally been ecologically friendly, inclusive and representative of new age and platform thinking.

The iconic NAMASTE structure reflects a multitude of factors that influenced its planning and construction. These factors include the inspiration from the Indian Culture, the technologies, the religious sentiments of the populace and strong Ideology to represent Atmanirbhar Bharat. It has consciously mirrored the idea and beliefs of the people of an era. It is a true reflection of the Simplicity, development, independent and strong national identity.

“So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked.” – Mark Twain.

Derived from the concept of Bhavachakra (Circle of life) in plan, “Circle,” used in symbolizing endless rotation of Shakti. Taking a shape of fluted pyramidal cone in elevation that regenerates the clean energy as inspired from the idea of Garbhagriha (Sanctum) of the temple, the most important concept found in the ancient Indian science of Architecture. The slicing of the pyramidal structure forms the Gopuram (pyramidal entrance gate to the temple complex). The extension of the base further visualizes the gesture of Namaste, as the humble greeting and respect straight from the heart. The structure placed in the centre of the circle stating the concept of Anahat chakra (heart centre) welcomes the pedestrians from 12 strategic points. One can experience the light source in the inner chamber that represents “No-limits”. The reflecting pools in the quadrants cools down humid air and follow a process of transpiration. The East-west orientation of the structure with peripheral walkways on two tiers sets perfect picture frame to experience the sunrise from the opening formed.

Namaste portrays the factors of self-reliant India in terms of the use of construction materials and building technology.

The perfect amalgamation of History, culture, unity and aspirations, standing 72 m tall yet humbly “Bowing to you” as the gesture of respect, divinity, politeness and hospitality.