Code Wryters

Client: Hiren Shah

Site Location: Sumeru Business Corner, Pal, Surat.

Area: 400 Sq.Ft

Year: 2021

Team: Nikhil Pathak, Jaai Vaidya

Photography: Studio Rohan Patel

A workspace demands Liveliness and energy” – The idea of an office or a working space has come a long way from rigidly planned cubicles and bare walls. In present time, an office demands vibrancy where users feel lively and keep up their energy levels high throughout their working hours. Our Youngest Client, two 26 year old Tech Geeks approached us to design their first self-owned IT office with a strict timeline of 30 days – we managed to do it in 35. With a clear vision of a good 15 capacity office with Private Cabins, Pantry and HR Cabins – a simple guideline to follow of colour codes that matched with their Company Logo of Yellow and Black. Exploring Furniture Systems to Designing Light Fittings, a non-outsourced design outcome was realized with time as an ultimatum to make this space a hub of ideations.