Archdais House 2.0


Located in Palsana, Surat, the Weekend Home for a Retired Business Family is formulated as an introvert form of tropical setup with a post-modern planning, minimalist ideation and details for low maintenance costs with play of solid masses of brick, concrete and earthy materials which is bold and elegant from outside yet tantalizing inside.

The Client who is a strict believer of ‘Vastu’ (Architectural Science) preferred the idea of Open Space Planning with movements in Clockwise Directions and focusing on Drawing Natural Light from auspicious directions. Similarly the Planning of Kitchen, Dining, Staircase and Bedrooms also take shape with the thought of Clean Energy Movement within the Spaces.

The observer begins the journey with the tunneled entrance heading to enticing pockets of spaces, thus drawing the resident into dramatic compositions of light and shadows. The nature of volumes is revealed only when one enters and walks through different spaces inside. An attempt to create a level of privacy, where the users could interact with each other and nature as playfully as possible. The Brick Wall House allows its users to keep all the formal layers of life aside and take an escape into their Weekends.